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You won't believe what happened when you clicked Attempted Not Known! You learned one weird trick to increase your laughter and intelligence, you realized a few things about yourself, and you found the courage to truly love. What kind of comics reader are you? If you are reading Attempted Not Known, be proud! You are the finest kind of comics reader indeed.

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Lost Episodes
Here are a few lost episodes, things that don't fit anywhere else.
Waves to Wine 2014
When I ride in Waves to Wine, I draw a comic of the ride and send a little zine to my donors as a thank-you. You could have one--just donate when I ride!
The Squirrels Who Loved Each Other Forever
This was an idea that came to me on a bike ride, and was thinking about relationships in general.
Parking Like the Blues Brothers
This is a true story. The owner of the car is the one sitting in the back seat.
These are just sketches. I add more sometimes.

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